SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019: Enhanced Remote Load & Mass Property Manager

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

In SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019, the Remote Load/Mass property manager has been redesigned and enhanced to include support for distributed coupling for linear and nonlinear static studies.  



RemoteLoad3The Load (Direct transfer), Load/Mass (Rigid connection), and Displacement (Rigid connection) options that were present in previous releases have been changed and re-integrated in the property manager in the form of new icons, where the ruler icon represents a displacement input.  

The direct transfer and rigid connections type options are also now represented as radio buttons further down in the Property Manager. The previous direct transfer method is now labeled as “Distributed” and has some additional options for the distribution of the remote forces and moments relative to the reference node (x,y,z coordinates). This is now available in the form of a pulldown menu.


Remote Load definitions that were previously done in earlier versions of SOLIDWORKS Simulation that are opened in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 will automatically convert to the new interface. If the Direct Transfer type was previously chosen, the equivalent weighted factor of “Default (Constant)” will be automatically selected for you.