SOLIDWORKS Manage 2019: Process Output for PDM Workflow

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

SOLIDWORKS Manage gives us the power to use processes that are independent of files. This gives us flexibility to work through things in a way that PDM won’t allow us with its file basis. 

What happens when our process involves a file, but not in all steps? SOLIDWORKS Manage now has the ability to make these changes as an output of its own processes.


With the 2019 release, process outputs can be designated to transition a file from one state to another.  These are configured as process outputs and can be configured for multiple workflows and transitions.  This gives us the power to reduce the complexity of workflows that previously had included steps not inherent to the file development, but crucial to the design process.

Configuring these outputs is rather simple once a process has been defined. For each stage, a new output must be added. Select “Change PDM Status” from the list and click Save. The dialog that greets you will allow you to add multiple instances by clicking the New button. Each time, a dialog will request which vault, which workflow and which transition we are using. This will require some knowledge of how your workflows are constructed.