SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2019: Project Parameters

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

With the new Project Parameters for 2019, users will have more flexibility when it comes to controlling their Flow Simulation inputs. See the three project parameters I have created below to drive my thermal simulation.

Figure 1 - Project Parameters

The first one uses one of the new IF statements along with the variable “t” (for time) to increase from 0 to 100% for the first 60 physical seconds of the simulation. Then it remains at 100% thereafter. The other two parameters I have linked to this first parameter so that they will increase from 0 to 2 Watts and 0 to 10 Watts respectively.


Figure 2 - Feature located under Tools, Options, Project, Parameters


Any simulation field such as this Volume Heat Source can be linked to a finely tuned Project Parameter and then be driven by parameter value.


Figure 3 - Heat source linked to a parameter using a table


Even goals can be linked to the parameters, so you can monitor the parameter value throughout the simulation.


Figure 4 - Goal reads the parameter value


You might test out all sorts of other links by using the braces {} surrounding the name of the parameter or goal you are trying to link to. You’ll be surprised by how much flexibility Flow Simulation 2019 gives you to fine-tune your simulation models.