SOLIDWORKS 2019: Sketching - Generic Splines

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

In SOLIDWORKS 2019, there is a new classification for some splines. As you may already be aware, we have NURBS Splines*(Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines) and Style Splines*(Bezier Curve). The new classification addresses splines that are generated not from a sketch entity, but rather from a sketch tool. What I’m referring to is a sketch entity made from "Convert Entity” from an existing Spline or Conic, an Intersection Curve, or “Offset” from an existing Spline, Conic, Parabola, or Ellipse. 

What made these splines different was the fact that they were not able to be directly edited. They were essentially a child to the shape or form from which they were Converted or Offset from. Aside from this distinct classification is the added ability to edit these Generic splines. The ability to edit requires the removal of the “On Edge” or “Offset” relationships that was fully defining it. Then it is as simple as performing a right-click and ”Display Control Polygon”, then adjust as required.  

In addition, we can change these Generic Splines into regular splines using the "Convert to Spline" or a Style Spline using the "Convert to Style Spline" from the right click menu. And finally, in the Generic Spline PropertyManager, under Parameters, click Rational. This will enable the Control Vertex Weight option to let you adjust the splines shape.