SOLIDWORKS 2019: Managing External References

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Viewing and managing external references in a top-down assembly design environment has been streamlined in SOLIDWORKS 2019. The dialog that used to be called “List External Refs…” is now just called “External References…” and lists all external references for the assembly, part, and features.


In the new External References dialog, you can break, unlock, and lock individual references in features and sketches. You can sort references by those statuses, and isolate subassemblies and parts.

The ability to navigate the FeatureManger while the External References dialog is open allows you to also use “Dynamic Reference Visualization” to break, lock, and unlock individual references.


New conventions in the FeatureManager add clarity to where external reference are


SOLIDWORKS 2019 provides a clearer view of the external relations within assemblies, parts, and features, which makes managing and editing relations while using Top-Down Assembly methods quicker and easier.