Did you miss a Technical Communication webinar or presentation? DASI Solutions periodically releases past webinars or events and we post them here for you to enjoy!

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Product Spotlight: SOLIDWORKS MBD


Brad Rach, SW Elite Application Engineer 

Length: 35 minutes 

Overview: SOLIDWORKS MBD (Model Based Definition) is an integrated, drawingless, manufacturing solution that allows CAD users to show data within the SOLIDWORKS 3D environment with the intent to diminish or eliminate the need for 2D drawings. In this webinar recording, we take a high level view to answer the questions of "Why Model Based Definition" and "Why now?"

Benefits of Model Based Definition


Gordon Pursel, SW Elite Application Engineer

Length: 48 minutes

Overview: Learn how SOLIDWORKS MBD can improve design-to-manufacturing, communication, including defining dimensions and tolerances in 3D to preparing the 3D model for drawing-less delivery. Streamlining production by delivering intelligent 3D definition and more.

Advanced Detailing with SOLIDWORKS MBD & DimXpert


Gordon Pursel, SW Elite Application Engineer

Length: 20 minutes

Overview: Tools such as DimXpert and MDB help define, organize and publish 3D products. Guiding design detailing and manufacture production directly in 3D helps streamline both processes while reducing errors. This 20-minute webinar showcases how SOLIDWORKS MBD can improve design to manufacturing communication.


Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Inspection


Darin Grosser, Sr. Application Engineer - DASI Solutions

Length: 30 minutes

Overview: SOLIDWORKS Inspection helps you streamline the creation of inspection documents by leveraging your existing 2D legacy data, regardless of whether files are SOLIDWORKS, PDFs, or TIFFs. In this webinar, we will cover quality assurance issues to: - Automate the creation of ballooned inspection drawings and inspections reports (AS99102, PPAP, etc.) - Ensure the products meet quality and acceptance requirements. - Simplify and document the characteristics to inspect and record the results.

Create Unforgettable Customer Experiences


Bryon Morell, 3DVIA Product Manager & Darin Grosser, SW Elite Application Engineer

Length: 45 minutes

Overview: Now a days, 3D engineering information is at the center of everything, often times you are running back and forth to engineering in order to get new screenshots, images and data. let us show you how to overcome hurdles all while creating an entirely new customer experience that goes way beyond pictures and exploded views!

SOLIDWORKS Technical Communication Trifecta


Darin Grosser, SW Elite Application Engineer

Length:  40 minutes 

Overview: Spend about 40 minutes with Darin @ DASI as he takes you thru a Technical Communication process that many product development companies face. We spend a few minutes detailing the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Composer, SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition and SOLIDWORKS Inspection and show you how they can save you time and reduce errors in any manufacturing process.  

Repurposing Your 3D CAD Data


Scott Byrne, Director of Business Development & Darin Grosser, Lead Application Engineer

Length: 44 minutes

Overview: Most 3D users look for ways to get more from the models that they produce. Whether it is for downstream manufacturing or creating more compelling proposals, 3D data can help your company beyond the engineering departments. 3DVIA allows users to produce this rich information concurrently with your design process-saving both time and money. See how 3DVIA Composer allows you to use your CAD data to produce professional level work instructions, service manuals, or process instructions.