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    Features  SOLIDWORKS
    Environmental Impact Dashoboard with Key Indicators    X X
    GaBi LCA Environmental Database from PE International             X X
    Seamlessly integrated with SOLIDWORKS interface X X
    Environmental Impact Estimates of Parts X X
    Find Similar Material Selection Tool X X
    Customizable Reports X X
    Establish Baseline to Compare Design Decisions X X
    Baseline Comparison Report X X
    GaBi Database Updates for New Materials and Processes X X
    Request New Materials and Processes  X X
    View Manufacturing Process Inputs X X
    View Transportation Mode and Distance Inputs X X
    View Recycled Content Values  X X
    View End-of-Life Inputs X X
    Priority Support for Material and Process Requests X  
    Editable Manufacturing Process Inputs X  
    Editable Transportation Mode and Distance Inputs X  
    Editable Recycled Content Values X  
    Editable End-of-Life Inputs   X  
    Account for Product Longevity X  
    Perform Time-Dependent Environmental Assessments X  
    Environmental Impact Estimates of Assemblies X  
    SOLIDWORKS Configuration Support X  
    Input "Use Phase" Energy X  
    Report Includes BOM with Most Impactful Components X  
    Assembly Visualization Support X  
    Compare Raw Material Financial Impact X X