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We are dedicated to helping you design better products with the latest software enhancements, technical support and more. 90% of the functionality enhancements added to DS SOLIDWORKS products are customer driven. 

Some 'Value Added Resellers' charge extra to provide you with technical support. We believe that if you commit to us for a full year's Subscription Service, you deserve top notch support for your software investment. OVER 90% of our customers renew their subscription service annually.


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DASI Solutions Benefits to Customers on Subscription Service

Customers of DASI Solutions on Current Subscription Service are Eligible for:

  1. Upgrades: All major upgrades to SOLIDWORKS and add-on products in the product portfolio released during the subscription term.

  2. Service Packs: All service packs available and downloadable from the Customer Portal at any time. New service packs are typically available every 4-8 weeks.

  3. HelpDesk Technical Support: Unlimited technical phone and email support available Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern or 5 AM to 5 PM Pacific. This includes guidance and how-to instruction on specific tasks as well as web based remote support for visualization on technical issues.
    NOTE: Technical issues that are caused by an issue with the software are submitted direct to SOLIDWORKS on the customer’s behalf and will receive an SR (Service Request) number associated with the issue. The status can be tracked direct by the customer via SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.

  4. Knowledge Base Access: 24 Hour access to the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base for online technical tips and white papers covering all product functions.

  5. Access for all users to an online library of useful SOLIDWORKS related content, including training videos, downloadable CAD models, forum access, and the latest industry information.

  6. Certification Exams: One free CSWA (Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate), CSWP (Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional) or CSWP Advanced Exam per SOLIDWORKS license, per subscription term.
    Certification Exam Details

  7. Update Training Sessions: Software update training sessions provided by DASI for every major SOLIDWORKS release available throughout our sales territory at our office locations. Onsite sessions available upon request.

  8. Video Content: DASI Solutions consistently produces valuable video content, including webinars. These are accessible through both live presentations and archived on the DASI website and our DASI YouTube Channel.

  9. Enhancement Request Privileges: Customers on Subscription Service have access to request future features and functions they would like to see in the upcoming versions of SOLIDWORKS through the Customer Portal. 90% of the functionality written into the SOLIDWORKS product each year is user driven via customer enhancement requests.

  10. Free Advertising Opportunity: The 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace | Make gives customers direct access to manufacturers and the ability to market your company’s products and services to thousands of other users.
    Learn more about the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace here.

  11. 3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services: Each license on Subscription has access to the equivalent number of licenses of the “Business Innovation” tool available within the platform to collaborate, securely store files on the cloud, and access those files anytime and anywhere on any device.
    Gain access to 3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services here.

  12. 3D Content Central: Gain integrated access to the wealth of user-contributed 2D and 3D CAD models in 3D Content Central, directly within your SOLIDWORKS environment. 
    Learn more here.

  13. Additional Integrated Software: All SOLIDWORKS licenses active on Subscription Service receive access to SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard for integrated 2.5-axis milling. All SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium licenses active on Subscription Service also receive access to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard which allows users to create photo-realistic renderings of products for sales pitches, presentations and marketing materials.


Software Upgrade Assistance

We recognize that upgrades may have an impact on productivity, so it’s our goal to minimize any potential productivity dips. We offer several options to assist customers with their planned software upgrades. Most assistance can be provided remotely and will ensure a smooth and successful upgrade cycle. However, in the event that a customer would like onsite, after hours or even weekend upgrade assistance, we have several options to explore. Contact your location Account Manager, or visit our Services page to learn more.


Additional Areas of Assistance

Some problems may be beyond the scope of standard support but require onsite assistance from a DASI support technician or Application Engineer. It is our goal to help investigate and identify the source of the issues and recommend specific action for your unique situation. Generally these areas include hardware issues related to:

  • Operating Systems
  • Graphics Cards
  • Network Infrastructure and Connectivity
  • Culture/Workflow or process
  • Installation
  • Implementation set up


Subscription Service Plan Renewal Process

Ensuring continuity of your access to Subscription Service benefits is a priority for DASI. We have staff dedicated to keeping you aware of your Subscription Service status. You can expect information regarding your optional renewal approximately 90 days prior to your current expiration date.

At DASI Solutions, we are committed to adding value to your Subscription Service investment. DASI is dedicated to helping your organization achieve the full benefits of the increased productivity and return on investment that membership in the SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service program provides. If at any time you should have questions, comments, concerns or suggestions we welcome the feedback from you.



Unless otherwise agreed in writing, as per Section 4 of the SOLIDWORKS license agreement, the term of this service runs for one year from the first day of the month following the date you ordered the subscription service.