Prevent Duplicate File Names

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Written by:  Gordon Pursel, Application Engineer

Dupes1 300x221Different parts with duplicate file names can be a real file management problem. Fortunately, SOLIDWORKS PDM has a Duplicate File Name Check that can prevent saving duplicate file names into the PDM Vault while also providing immediate feedback to locate files with the same name.

To enable the PDM Vault Duplicate File Name Check settings:

  • Start the PDM Administration tool and log into the Vault
  • Right-click File Types, select Duplicate file name settings.

Duplicate File Name Check

Dupes2 300x294Use either of the last two options, in the Duplicate File Name Check dialog box to enable duplicate file name checking and prevent users from creating two or more files with the same name in the vault. These options work as described below:

  • Disables duplicate file name checking. Users can create any number of files with the same file name.
  • Do not allow duplicate file names in this file vault: Enables duplicate file name checking for all file types. Users cannot create a file with the same name as another file of the same file type in the vault.
  • Do not allow duplicate file names of files with these extensions: Enables duplicate file name checking only for the specified file types (extensions). Users cannot create a file of a specified file type if it has the same name as another file of the same file type in the vault. When you select this option, specify the file extensions for which you are enabling duplicate file name checking, one per line and without any prefixes (such as . or *.).

Duplicate File Names in Vault

Once the Duplicate File Name Check dialogue has been configured to do not allow duplicate file names, the Duplicate File Names in Vault dialogue makes it easy for you to reconcile duplicate file names as they occur. The left side of the dialogue lists the active file and the right-side lists existing files with the same name as well as their location.

The Duplicate File Names in Vault dialog can be viewed when:

  • Automatically when a duplicate file is added using Copy & Paste in Windows Explorer
  • Checking the files into the vault and selecting the File Name is Not Unique Warning.
  • You try to rename the files using the names of existing vault files.
  • Clicking the system tray warning that appears when you save a file from an application.