Dismissing Problems?

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"Don't Ask Again" Dialog Boxes

Created by: Jerald Staley, Technical Resource Manager 

Since SOLIDWORKS 2008, the ability to have the software “Don’t Ask Again” on certain dialog boxes has been available. There are a few facts that everyone should know about these settings.

1.) Once a message is dismissed, it is stored in the user’s registry as well as in the SOLIDWORKS Options under the System Options tab.



2.) Because it’s a stored value, your user settings are carried over between service pack and Major version releases. This means that the answers to questions like the file being an earlier version that needs to be updated might have been answer with a “No” in 2010 and still be enforced in your 2016 work.

3.) This is also a factor with this being a stored value in your user settings when you run a “Copy Settings Wizard” to back up your options. Your dismissed messages and answers used can affect others if you export your setting for a new user.

4.) To get a dismissed message to be active again, you simply need to put a check in the box in front of the message in question as highlighted below and select OK in the options dialog. The next time you access the list again, the message will not be present.


If you’re finding your SolidWorks is behaving in a manner that is unexpected or different than your colleagues, check your dismissed messages for a possible cause.