This four-day training course teaches the basics of the SOLIDWORKS CAD software. In this class, you will learn more than simple button clicks – we also dive into methodologies of how to use SOLIDWORKS effectively and efficiently. Efficiency is the focus from Day One, as we discuss sketches and part creation that are intelligent by design. This training covers a wide array of topics and gets the students thinking in a way that will get them using SOLIDWORKS effectively right out of the gate.



SOLIDWORKS Essentials is the perfect training course to start your SOLIDWORKS learning pathway. It is typically the first course that designers new to SOLIDWORKS take in order to gain a basic understanding of the software.



Taking this SOLIDWORKS Essentials training course with DASI Solutions will help you to gain a better understanding of the SOLIDWORKS toolset usage, thanks to our trainers’ broad spectrum of real-world design experience. DASI trainers take great pride in getting new and seasoned users up and running as quickly as possible.



Standard classroom training costs $1,495 per student.


*This course is part of the curriculum for the DASI Solutions Apprenticeship Program, certified by the U.S. Department of Labor.



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1 SOLIDWORKS Basics and the User Interface

What is Design Intent and How Does it Work?
File References in SOLIDWORKS
How to Open Files in SOLIDWORKS
The SOLIDWORKS User Interface
How to Use the Command Manager

2 Introduction to Sketching in SOLIDWORKS

2D Sketching with SOLIDWORKS
Stages in the Sketch Process
Saving Sketch Files
What are We Going to Sketch?
Sketching and Sketch Entities
Basics of Sketching in SOLIDWORKS
Rules that Govern Sketches
Design Intent as it Relates to Sketches
Sketch Relations in SOLIDWORKS
Sketch Dimensions
Extruding Sketches
Sketching Guidelines in SOLIDWORKS

3 Basic Part Modeling in SOLIDWORKS

The Terminology for SOLIDWORKS Part Modeling
How to Choose the Best Profile for your Parts
How to Choose a Sketch Plane
Details of the Part in SOLIDWORKS
What is the Boss Feature?
How to Sketch on a Planar Face
How to Use the Cut Feature
How to Use the View Selector
How to Use the SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard
Filleting in SOLIDWORKS
Editing Tools for Part Modeling in SOLIDWORKS
Detailing Basics for Part Modeling
Drawing Views for Parts in SOLIDWORKS
Center Marks for Parts
Dimensioning Parts in SOLIDWORKS
How to Change Parameters of Parts

4 Symmetry and Draft in SOLIDWORKS

Design Intent as it Relates to Symmetry and Draft
How to Use the Boss Feature with Draft
Symmetry in the Sketch
Sketching Inside the SOLIDWORKS Model
View Options for Symmetry
How to Use Model Edges in a Sketch
How to Create Trimmed Sketch Geometry in SOLIDWORKS
Using Copy and Paste in SOLIDWORKS

5 SOLIDWORKS Patterning

Why Should I Use Patterns?
What is a Linear Pattern?
What are Circular Patterns?
Reference Geometry for Patterning
Planes for Patterning in SOLIDWORKS
What are Mirror Patterns?
How to Use Pattern Seed Only
What is the Up To Reference?
Using Sketch Driven Patterns in SOLIDWORKS

6 Revolved Features

Design Intent as it Relates to Revolved Features
What are Revolved Features?
How to Build the Rim for Revolved Features
How to Build the Spoke for Revolved Features
How to Edit Material for Revolved Features
Using Mass Properties
File Properties of Revolved Features
What is SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress?
How to Use SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress
Learn the SimulationXpress Interface


7 Shelling and Ribs in SOLIDWORKS

How to Analyze and Add Draft
What are the Other Options for Draft?
What is Shelling?
What are Ribs in SOLIDWORKS?
How to Use Full Round Fillets
Thin Features in SOLIDWORKS

8 SOLIDWORKS Editing: Repairs

How to do Part Editing for Repairs in SOLIDWORKS
Common Editing Topics in SOLIDWORKS
Sketch Issues in SOLIDWORKS

9 SOLIDWORKS Editing: Design Changes

How to do Part Editing for Design Changes in SOLIDWORKS
Making Design Changes
How to Get Information From a SOLIDWORKS Model
Rebuilding Tools in SOLIDWORKS
How to Replace a Sketch Entity
How to Use Sketch Contours

10 SOLIDWORKS Configurations

How to Use Configurations in SOLIDWORKS
Other Methods to Create Configurations
Modeling Strategies for Configurations
Editing SOLIDWORKS Parts that Have Configurations
What is the Design Library

11 Global Variables and Equations

Using Global Variables and Equations in SOLIDWORKS
How to Rename Features and Dimensions
How to Use Design Rules Using Global Variables and Equations
Global Variables in SOLIDWORKS
Using Equations in SOLIDWORKS
Using Operators and Functions in SOLIDWORKS

12 Using Drawings in SOLIDWORKS

What are Section Views?
What are Model Views?
What are Broken Views?
What are Detail Views?
Drawing Sheets and Sheet Formats in SOLIDWORKS
How to Use Annotations for Your SOLIDWORKS Drawings

13 Bottom-Up Assembly Modeling

What is Bottom-Up Assembly?
How to Create a New Assembly in SOLIDWORKS
Position of the First Component in SOLIDWORKS
Discover: FeatureManager Design Tree and Symbols
How to Add Components to Assemblies
How to Mate Assembly Components
Using Part Configurations in SOLIDWORKS Assemblies
Sub-assemblies in SOLIDWORKS
What are Smart Mates?
How to Insert Sub-assemblies in SOLIDWORKS
How to Use Pack and Go

14 Using SOLIDWORKS Assemblies

Analyzing the SOLIDWORKS Assembly
How to Check for Clearances
How to Change the Values of Dimensions
Exploded Assemblies in SOLIDWORKS
Explode Line Sketch in SOLIDWORKS
What is the Bill of Materials?
Assembly Drawings in SOLIDWORKS