This class teaches you how to use the SOLIDWORKS Composer software to create 2D and 3D output from existing CAD design data.
*This course is eligible to be part of the DASI Solutions Apprenticeship Program, certified by the U.S Department of Labor.

buy now buttonLength: 2 days
Prerequisites: Experience with the Windows operating system.

Course Price: $1,095


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  • 01Quick Start 
    Quick Look at SOLIDWORKS Composer 
  • 02Getting Started 
    What is the SOLIDWORKS Composer Application
    Starting SOLIDWORKS Composer 
    SOLIDWORKS Composer Terminology
    SOLIDWORKS Composer User Interface
    Preferences and Document Properties 
    Creating 2D Output 
  • 03Creating Cover and Detail Images
    Rendering Tools 
    Navigation Tools
    Camera Alignment Tools
    Create 2D Output 
  • 04Creating an Exploded View 
    Visibility Tools 
    Exploded Views
    Collaborative Actors 
    Vector Graphics Output 
  • 05Creating Additional Exploded Views 
    Paper Space
    Importing Files 
    File Types 
    Update Views with Selected Actors 
    Align Actors 
    Explode Lines 
    Custom Views
    Linking Between Views 
  • 06Creating Bills of Materials
    Bill of Materials
    Vector Graphics Output
    Another BOM Table
    Assembly Level BOM
    Assembly Selection Mode 
  • 07Creating a Marketing Image
    High Resolution Image 
  • 08Creating an Animation
    Timeline Pane 
    Location Keys 
  • 09Creating Interactive Content 
    Selections in the Key Track
    Location and Property Keys 
    Animating Collaborative Actors 
    Digger Keys 
  • 10Creating a Walkthrough Animation
    Camera Keys 
    Adding Views to the Timeline
    Additional Camera Functionality
  • 11Creating an Explode and Collapse Animation
    Assembly Selection Mode 
    Assembly Groups 
  • 12Updating SOLIDWORKS Composer Files
    Update an Entire Assembly 
    Changing the Geometry of an Actor
  • 13Publishing from SOLIDWORKS Composer
    Preparing a File for Publishing 
    Publishing to PDF 
    Publishing inside Microsoft Word 
    Publishing to HTML 
  • AAppendix A: Additional Applications and Workshops
    SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync and SOLIDWORKS Composer Enterprise Sync
    SOLIDWORKS Composer Check
    Simplification Workshop