“I had used SOLIDWORKS software analysis packages in the past, and we soon added SOLIDWORKS Simulation because it is one of the most efficient finite element analysis (FEA) packages, is easy to use, and interfaces well with SOLIDWORKS design software. Since then, the integration has become virtually seamless.”

Jim Medsker
Owner, Keystone Product Development

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SOLIDWORKS FEA Structural Simulation   info iconblue

  • Simulation Standard gives product engineers an intuitive virtual testing environment for linear static, time-based motion, and high-cycle fatigue simulation, so they can answer common engineering challenges with this SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD embedded solution.
  • Simulation Professional enables engineers to determine product mechanical resistance, product durability, natural frequencies, and test heat transfer and buckling instabilities. Pressure vessel analysis and complex loading is also supported. You can optimize products for weight, vibration, or instability based on a range of physical and geometrical parameters.
  • Simulation Premium goes beyond SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and includes additional tools for simulating nonlinear and dynamic response, dynamic loading, and composite materials.  

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation  info iconblue
Flow Simulation's intuitive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) enables designers to simulate liquid and gas flow in real-world conditions, run "what if" scenarios, and efficiently analyze the effects of fluid flow, heat transfer, and related forces on immersed or surrounding components. 

SOLIDWORKS Plastics  info iconblue
Plastics injection molding simulation predicts how melted plastic flows during the injection molding process - the manufacturing method used to produce over 80 percent of all plastics products. The ability to predict how the plastic will flow enables prediction of manufacturing-related defects.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability info iconblue
Perform real-time environmental assessments as part of your product design process. Fully integrated with your SOLIDWORKS design environment and using industry-standard life-cycle assessment criteria, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability provides instant feedback, so you can quickly make adjustments to your design, and turn your sustainability goals into results.