Included in your Subscription Service is Service Pack Updates as well as Technical Support that will provide you with assistance if you run into any problems with your SOLIDWORKS Software. Moving data from various locations into a PDM vault can be a daunting task. If you would like DASI Solutions to migrate your data for you, there are multiple paid services available below.


Workgroup Vault Migration:
  • There are special utilities DASI can use to migrate your workgroup data into PDM Standard or Professional. This optionally includes all mapped properties, Revisions, and life cycle states. Generally timed with Go Live of an implementation of PDM. Delivered onsite or remotely.


Network Drive Migration: 
  • There are many things to consider when bringing in mass amounts of data from network drives. A service tech will scope the migration, and copy all needed files into PDM to ensure the best quality of data post migration. Generally timed with a Go Live of an implementation of PDM, but not required. Delivered onsite or remotely.