Technical Communication


"With SOLIDWORKS Composer, our illustrations are super clear, crisp, and user-friendly, and the software helps us bring products and supporting documentation to market faster"

Mark Gerhart
Configuration Manager @ Wamore, Inc.

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SOLIDWORKS MBD  info iconblue
Model Based Definition is an integrated drawingless manufacturing solution for SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS MBD guides the manufacturing process directly in 3D instead of using traditional 2D drawings, which helps streamline production, cut cycle time, reduce errors, and support industry standards.  

SOLIDWORKS Inspection info iconblue
SOLIDWORKS Inspection helps you streamline the creation of inspection documents by leveraging your existing 2D legacy data, regardless of whether files are SOLIDWORKS, PDFs, or TIFFs.  

SOLIDWORKS Composerinfo iconblue
SOLIDWORKS Composer enables you to easily repurpose existing 3D design data to rapidly create and update high quality graphical assets that are fully associated with your 3D design.