“If we didn’t have SOLIDWORKS Plastics, we wouldn’t have as much confidence in the manufacturability of a design. It helps us avoid going back and forth with the moldmaker after the fact, which saves time and reduces costs.”

John Aldape
Mechanical Design Engineer, ECCO

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What is SOLIDWORKS Plastics?

SOLIDWORKS Plastics is a plastic injection molding simulation tool to show how and where your resin material will travel through your model and can simulate all parts of the injection molding cycle from the Fill stage right to the Ejection stage.


Who is SOLIDWORKS Plastics For?

SOLIDWORKS Plastics is for those involved in the design or manufacturing of plastic parts – product designers and mold makers alike. 


Why Should I Use SOLIDWORKS Plastics?

Product designers can use this tool to optimize their designs for plastic injection molding to save on costs in production.  Mold makers can use this tool as a validation on their own tribal knowledge and adjust settings in their mold setup such as fill, pack, and cooling timing, mold materials and sized as well as cooling channel specifications, to shave off precious fractions of a second to help make cycle times more efficient.

What Are a Few of the Key Features?

  • Detecting short shots, weld lines, and air traps.
  • Result plots showcasing fill times, pressure distributions, shear stress distribution, shrinkage of resin due to cooling, sink marks.


How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Plastics Cost?

Price Starting at $4995

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