Data translator, which allows file translation from within SOLIDWORKS and has the same look and feel as SOLIDWORKS.

  •  Allows users to work directly with CATIA V5 data using one button translation, the result being data directly usable in the SOLIDWORKS modeling session
  • Works within SOLIDWORKS and can read and write CATIA V5 files
  • Comes with an enhanced licensing mechanism that supports Network (Floating) and Node-Locked (Desktop) license  

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Compare Works by capvidia
Capabilities to comply with Model Base Definition/Model Based Enterprise concepts. CompareWorks enables SOLIDWORKS users to validate CAD models imported into SOLIDWORKS. It detects any geometry deviations between the imported and the original CAD models. By comparing imported SOLIDWORKS model back to the original model CompareWorks gives you confidence that the integrity of the CAD model is preserved. The results are documented in a validation report certifying the process. Now you are sure that the model used in manufacturing is a precise and high quality representation of the original model.
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FormatWorks by capvidia
Proven technology for translating and working with automotive data in SOLIDWORKS FormatWorks extends the SOLIDWORKS data translation capability to support native CATIA V4 and V5 data and many other native and neutral CAD formats. The technology used in FormatWorks is based on propriety algorithms developed by Capvidia which highly automates the entire process and provides accurate and reliable CAD data translation to and from SOLIDWORKS. FormatWorks simplifies the import to SOLIDWORKS by adding the automatic repair and healing which ensures that imported models meet SOLIDWORKS' criteria and form valid solids. This repair is always performed within the model tolerance while maintaining original model integrity and preventing model deformation.
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3D Transvidia by capvidia

Integration with SOLIDWORKS 3D TransVidia to SOLIDWORKS combines all advantages of a stand-alone application with integrated SW Add-in. The link with SOLIDWORKS is established over the SW API operating on a common memory structure providing the most efficient and reliable data transfer. 3D TransVidia-SW extends SOLIDWORKS with a modular multi-functional Front-End for data import, feature based translation, reverse engineering, offset and surface approximation.
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