Specializes in electromagnetics software simulation tools – from DC electric motors to fiber optics communication.

They cover such application areas as telecommunications, computers, radars, remote sensing, automotive, home appliances, biomedical, microwave engineering, space electronics, defense, and consumer electronics companies.

HFWorks is a fully 3-Dimensional field simulator, fully integrated inside Solidworks, for RF, microwave, and wireless applications. HFWorks is based on the powerful finite element method (FEM), which solves the physical equations rigorously and without any simplifications or assumptions. It is designed to help you gain physical insight into the performance of your designs through the computation of important parameters. Whether you design circuit components or antennas, whether you use planar circuit technologies, standard waveguides or dielectric guides, whether you are interested in frequency responses of antennas and circuits, resonance behavior or scattering from objects, EMI or EMC, HFWorks covers your needs. HFWORKS allows you to run your simulations right on your models without the need for re-importing data with each design modification.

EMS is designed to help you gain physical insight into the performance of your electromagnetic, electromechanical, and MEMS design through the computation of important parameters such as force, torque, magnetic flux density, magnetic field, electric field, electric flux, current flow, eddy current, inductance, capacitance, resistances, flux linkage, and power loss. 

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