Logopress3 is recognized as the easiest to use 3D die design software available.

Learn more about Logopress3 is recognized as the easiest to use 3D die design software available.

Providing all the powerful features and functionality needed to produce the most complex die designs. As an added bonus, most of the 2D drawings are created automatically as you model the die.

die designBlank Prediction Functions: 
Logopress3 BLANK functions allow the user to quickly and easily predict the theoretical blank of 3D formed parts. The Finite Element Analysis advanced functions helps both at the quotation stage and in the die design process. It minimizes development time in the press. Beyond the Tool & Die Industry's needs, Logopress3 BLANK can also be used to flatten various applications, such as: cloth, plastics, adhesives, leather, inflatable objects, packaging. The mesh is fully automatic but its size can also be adjusted if the user wishes to do so. There is no need to be a mechanical engineer with finite element analysis skills to handle theLogopress3 BLANK module because it is very user friendly.

unbending fonctionUnbending Functions: 
In only a few mouse clicks you can unfold your part and then model the intermediate stages that will allow defining the process that will become your strip layout. This can be done from a native SOLIDWORKS model or from an imported model, without preparing it in any specific way.

strip layout 2Strip Layout Functions:
The strip layout module can be used for both progressive dies and transfer dies. It allows quickly modeling the true solid 3D strip in a very easy and logical way, resulting from our almost 20 years experience shared with passionate die designers. Any kind of parts, even those with non-constant thickness, are able to be managed. It also allows managing multiple parts in one strip, whether they be identical, mirrored or completely different parts in the same strip. Tool Structure Assistant Logopress3 Die Design Software includes a powerful

Tool Structure Assistant: 
Our Tool Structure Assitant allows you to quickly model the main die components. It is also very useful throughout the entire die design process when you need to insert additional plates. You can very easily and very quickly insert a plate or an assembly of plates and then adjust its dimensions. The plates can be named at this point and material type and heat treatment can also be specified at the time of insertion. It also acts as a Mate Manager so that you don't have to search the feature tree for mates.

component libraryStandard Components Library: 
No die design software is complete without an extremely comprehensive Standard Components Library. The only way to understand how powerful, user friendly, flexible, customizable, strong and complete the oneLogopress3 offers is to see it. It manages both millimeter and inch components and includes literally dozens of vendors that you are also able to add to. It not only inserts the component you select but also cuts every hole in each plate and automatically manages all mates.

punch mountingTool and Die Functions:
Logopress3 also includes powerful features to "Mount" (cut all openings in all plates) the cutting, bending and forming punches. Punch Mounting would be a huge amount of work without this dedicated feature since so many die components are involved which each needing different clearances.Logopress3 easily manages this with only a few mouse clicks and dialog box settings. After you define the first one,Logopress3 stores your preferences in order to save even more time for the next mounting.

A Die Design package would not be complete without a specific and powerful Hole Chart Feature. Just a few mouse clicks will save a lot of dimensioning time. The charts contain front side and back side holes in the same chart, as well as automatic, complete and very detailed description of every hole in addition to the X and Y data for each tag with the standard component going into that hole.


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