SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design Solutions

"SOLIDWORKS Electrical is really good for making design changes because it quickly and automatically updates the 3D schematics whenever you make a change."

Tim Corbin
Director @ Control Box Ltd.

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What is SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional?

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional is the bundle of Electrical Schematic Professional and 3D Electrical software packages. One license provides you with access to both the software solutions and these cannot be separated for use by multiple users. This bundle does require a SOLIDWORKS license (Standard or better). 


Who is SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional For?

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional is for the company that has very few Electrical Control Engineers. If there is one person that does all the electrical design, then this might be the package to select. 


Why Should I Use SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional?

If the thought of utilizing the multiple licenses of SOLIDWORKS and the SOLIDWORKS Electrical concurrently, and saving money is an issue, then this might be the package that best fits. Realize that in the future, this license will never be able to be split apart to allow for more than one user to utilize at the same time. The all features and functions of both the SOLIDWORKS Schematic Professional and the SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D packages are enveloped into one bundle here for a single user. Companies get the best of both worlds with a lower cost than purchasing to separate licenses (one for each package).


How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional Cost?


Contact a DASI Solutions sales representative to set up a consultation to discover the best solution to meet your specific business challenges – what package has the features you need, Subscription Service benefits, term licenses and many other solutions.

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