Electrical Design Solutions from SOLIDWORKS

"Using SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic software, we’ve cut drawing time in half—taking advantage of macros in the software to reuse and make changes or copy a project, we’re saving additional design time by standardizing our frequently used designs."

Guarav Sharma
Design Engineer@Trinity Touch India Pvt. Ltd

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What is SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic?

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic is a 2D Electrical Design software solution for creating electrical wiring schematics. While being a standalone software, SOLIDWORKS Schematic integrates with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, enabling concurrent electrical and mechanical design development. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic can either be used by a single user or in collaboration with other users of this software or the SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D software.


Who is SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic for?

Any company that is looking to document their Electrical wiring in a schematic form should consider using this software. From simple business driven designs or consumer machines up to entire manufacturing abilities, SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic can help streamline the wiring process.


Why Should I Use SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic?

As a drafter/designer/engineer, you need ways of conveying Electrical wiring Schematics information from one source to another. This conveyance of information can be just from the creator or prototyper to the production floor. It could also be documentation that is sent with the end product to the end customer, technical service department, field service engineers or installation companies. This software not only helps with that documentation, but automates some of the most time-consuming tasks that come with manually creating schematics.


Which Schematic Package is Right For You?

Electrical Schematic Standard includes single line diagrams, multiline schematics, component and symbol libraries, macros, automated terminal drawings, design rule checks and 2D cabinet layouts.

Electrical Schematic Professional increases speed and accuracy by adding on features including 3D cabinet layouts, the PLC management tool, ERP database connections, importing DWG files, importing and exporting to Excel, and much more.


How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Cost?


Contact a DASI Solutions sales representative to set up a consultation to discover the best solution to meet your specific business challenges – what package has the features you need, Subscription Service benefits, term licenses and many other solutions.

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