"With SOLIDWORKS… we can better manage design data and minimize mistakes related to working with the wrong version"

Tom Vona 
Senior Engineer @ USSC Group

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What is SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard - based on SQL Express - is a data management system for your CAD data.


Who Should Use SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is ideal for small businesses with only a small group of users creating CAD content. If you only need a method to manage your SOLIDWORKS CAD files, this is a good tool for you.


Why Should I Use SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard?

PDM Standard helps engineers track data as it progresses through the design process. It gives clear markers for new revisions and versioning that can be reviewed as historical data in the future. It removes ambiguity on what files a user has access to change, purposefully or accidentally. Key features within SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard include:

  1. File Workflows for tracking the process of a design
  2. Versioning & Revisions to see changes as they happened through history
  3. Rights Management to prevent users from changing or accessing the wrong data



How Much Does SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Cost?


PDM Standard is INCLUDED FREE for all SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium customers who are active on subscription. Contact a DASI Solutions sales representative to set up a consultation to discover the best solution to meet your specific business challenges – what package has the features you need, Subscription Service benefits, term licenses and many other solutions.

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