"With SOLIDWORKS… we can better manage design data and minimize mistakes related to working with the wrong version"

Tom Vona 
Senior Engineer @ USSC Group

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Takes Care of Your Data

SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) products manage and synchronize your design data across your entire enterprise with a single, easily deployable solution tightly integrated with all SOLIDWORKS applications. By leveraging a secure vault, you can extend the access to your 3D design environment and associated files, for all participants from engineering through manufacturing. This enables everyone involved in your projects to share information and collaborate on designs, while automatically protecting your intellectual property with the automated version and revision control systems.

With SOLIDWORKS PDM, you can dramatically reduce the time you spend searching for parts, assemblies, and drawings. Part of the SOLIDWORKS product development solution covering design, simulation, technical communication, and data management, SOLIDWORKS PDM will help you drive design reuse and manage your overall product development process.

SOLIDWORKS PDM centralizes the storage of all your engineering data and related files to give you these benefits:

        • Secure repository for fast information retrieval 
        • Version control for both minor changes and major revisions to help revent data loss 
        • Integrated workflows that automate your design and approval process for more efficient review and release of final designs 
          • Implemented in a fraction of the time required by other product Data Management Solutions