EXALEAD® OnePart REUSE is a business discovery application that accelerates the reuse of parts, designs, specifications, standards, test results, and related data for engineering and manufacturing activities. EXALEAD OnePart REUSE helps designers and engineers find reusable parts quickly so they can determine whether or not to incur the costs associated with creating new ones

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EXALEAD OnePart provides a full set of applications to classify company assets, identify master parts for reuse, and ensure Engineering selects the preferred part, while monitoring over time the execution of company policy. Even more, Sourcing and Procurement will leverage these applications to optimize ordering by grouping orders or selecting the right price of technically viable alternative solutions.

exalead screenshot3OnePart helps your business to simplify, organize and optimize your parts in selected contexts
From the entire legacy of company assets, quality and method engineers are able to classify parts. Based on shape similarity and/or semantic criteria, each part is associated with the closest one to form a cluster that will eventually be classified into a family and sub-family. Once all the parts in the family are classified, specific parts can be tagged as either the master, alternate, or obsolete.

This categorization of part families and sub-families, as well as the associated tags, is massively propagated into OnePart to guide part selection by designers and engineers and can be easily imported into the PDM and ERP systems. It also prevents deviation and ensures the organization doesn't proliferate the same part references already optimized in its catalog. Just as you previously ran checks every night: run OnePart catalog guards, based on the same predefined criteria used for catalog optimization, to receive a new part creation alert with a proposed classification or identification of existing similar parts to be reused.