Your 3D CAD tool plays a key role these days in enabling you to remain competitive in today’s challenging global economy. Choosing the right tools not only helps speed up product development but also lets you focus on what’s really important—designing world-class, innovative products.

So, is it the time right to switch?

  • Are my engineers frustrated with their current 3D CAD tools?
  • Are parts not fitting together correctly the first time?
  • Are we missing important product launch dates due to assembly issues?
  • Are my engineers spending too much time searching for drawings or parts?
  • Do we struggle to find qualified engineers who are experienced in using our current tool?
  • Is your current vendor telling you how and when you can buy your software?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the time is definitely right to at least start doing your research!

Ease of Use

77% of top performing
engineering firms
look for ease of use
in their CAD tools
and their add ons 


Quality Support

69% of top performing
engineering firms look
for quality and availability of technical support when
choosing a company 


Available Talent

47% of top engineering
firms are more likely
to consider market share making finding and recruiting 
quality talent easier


Depth of Solutions

an entire suite of solutions integrated to work together and create interdepartmental collaboration


Passionate Community

With literally millions of users globally, you will never  have to go far to find answers to
your questions


Constant Innovation

Every year, there are literally hundreds of software features added or enhanced based largely on user requests

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