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    Features (click on the redvideoarrow for more information)  SOLIDWORKS
    Ease of Use      
    Built-In Tutorials, Searchable Help; Learn Fast    redvideoarrow X X X
    Hot Keys, Customizable Comands, APIs              redvideoarrow X X X
    Get Help Fast; Local and Worldwide Support       redvideoarrow X X X
    Part and Assembly Modeling      
    3D Solid Modeling   redvideoarrow X X X
    Conceptual Design   redvideoarrow X X X
    Assembly Structure Planning: SOLIDWORKS Treehouse  redvideoarrow
    Direct Model Geometry Modification redvideoarrow X X X
    Large Assembly Design  redvideoarrow X X X
    Advanced Surface Design  redvideoarrow X X X
    Sheet Metal Design  redvideoarrow X X X
    Weldments  redvideoarrow X X X
    Plastic Part Design redvideoarrow X X X
    Mold Design redvideoarrow X X X
    2D Drawings      
    Automatic Drawing View Creation  redvideoarrow X X X
    Automatic Drawing View Updates  redvideoarrow X X X
    Drafting Standards: ANSI, ISO, DIN, JIS, BSI, GOST, GB   redvideoarrow X X X
    Manual and Automated Dimensioning, Tolerancing, Annotations and Symbols      redvideoarrow X X X
    Automatic Bill of Materials (BOM), Exploded Views, Balloon Notes  redvideoarrow X X X
    Hole Tables, Weld Tables, Pipe Bend Tables, Cut Lists and Sheet Metal Bend Notes  redvideoarrow X X X
    Automated Creation of Radial/Cylindrical Exploded Views  redvideoarrow X X X
    Design Reuse Automation      
    Find Your Data (SOLIDWORKS Search)  redvideoarrow X X X
    Design Automation (DriveWorksXpress)  redvideoarrow X X X
    Part and Assembly Configurations  redvideoarrow X X X
    Reuse 2D and 3D CAD Data  redvideoarrow X X X
    3D CAD Models from Suppliers (  redvideoarrow X X X
    Animations and Visualization      
    Move Assembly by Dragging Components and with Motors redvideoarrow X X X
    CAD Videos  redvideoarrow X X X
    Basic CAD Rendering (RealView)  redvideoarrow X X X
    3D Walk Through/Fly Through redvideoarrow X X X
    Interference Check      
    Collision and Interference Detection redvideoarrow X X X
    Hole Alignment and Thread Checks redvideoarrow X X X
    Collaborate and Share CAD Data      
    3D Interconnect for Associative Import of 3D Models redvideoarrow X X X
    Read Printed Circuit Board Data as 3D Parts (IFC) redvideoarrow X X X
    Import/Export of Printed Circuit Board Designs redvideoarrow X X X
    Print directly to 3D printers: AMF and 3MF formats redvideoarrow X X X
    MCAD to AEC: Prepare and export to AEC applications redvideoarrow X X X
    3D Models for CAD/CAM Integration with CAM Partners redvideoarrow X X X
    View eDrawings® Files redvideoarrow X X X
    3D Dimensioning and Tolerancing (Model Based Definition) redvideoarrow X X X
    2D DXF®/DWG® Data redvideoarrow X X X
    Maintain and Update Existing 2D Drawings – edit and view DWG® files in DraftSight redvideoarrow X X X
    2D to 3D CAD Conversion Tools redvideoarrow X X X
    Convert 3D Solid Parts to Sheet Metal redvideoarrow X X X
    Intellectual Property Protection (Defeature) redvideoarrow X X X
    Design Review Markup and Viewing (Large Design Review) redvideoarrow X X X
    Advanced CAD File Import      
    Interactive Feature Recognition and Conversion redvideoarrow X X X
    Automatic Feature Recognition and Conversion redvideoarrow X X X
    Basic Analysis Tools      
    Part Environmental Impact Analysis redvideoarrow X X X
    Part Structural Analysis redvideoarrow X X X
    Basic Flow Analysis redvideoarrow X X X
    Productivity Tools      
    Power Selection Tools redvideoarrow X X X
    Symmetry Check redvideoarrow X X X
    Copy Feature Info into Other Features (Feature Paint) redvideoarrow X X X
    Find and Replace in Drawing redvideoarrow X X X
    Design for Manufacturing      
    Thickness Analysis redvideoarrow X X X
    Geometry Check for CAM redvideoarrow X X X
    Compare Parts and Drawings for Changes redvideoarrow X X X
    Rules-based Manufacturability Checks (DFMXpress) redvideoarrow X X X
    Draft and Undercut Analysis redvideoarrow X X X
    Sheet Metal Checks and Flat Pattern redvideoarrow X X X
    SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard & CAM Programming X X X
    SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard -  Learn More redvideoarrow  X  X  
    CAD Libraries      
    Over One Million Standard Fasteners and Components (Toolbox) redvideoarrow X X  
    Beam, Bearing, and Cam Design Wizard redvideoarrow X X  
    Automatic Assembly of Fasteners and Components redvideoarrow X X  
    Automatic Task Scheduling and Batch Processing  X X  
    Design for Cost and Cost Estimation redvideoarrow X X  
    On-Line Cost Estimates via MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network redvideoarrow X X  
    Compare Manufacturing Costs redvideoarrow X X  
    Automated Manufacturing Cost Estimation redvideoarrow X X  
    Customizable Manufacturing Settings redvideoarrow X X  
    Output Cost Report redvideoarrow X X  
    ECAD/MCAD Collaboration (CircuitWorks™) - Learn More  redvideoarrow       
    Import/Export of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Designs  X X  
    Automatic Electrical Component Assembly  X X  
    Two-Way Data Exchange: ECAD to MCAD - MCAD to ECAD  X X  
    IDF, ProStep (IDX) or PADS (*.ASC)  X X  
    PCB Outlines, Keep-Out Areas, Maximum Heights  X X  
    Filter Display for Clarification  X X  
    Compare Board Designs for Differences  X X  
    Design Change Notes  X X  
    Advanced Photorealistic Rendering (PhotoView 360)      
    Photo Quality Images, Animations, Control Camera View, Lighting, Material etc. redvideoarrow X X  
    CAD Standards Checking      
    Verify Designs Against Company Standards, Correct Issues, Design Check etc. redvideoarrow X X  
    Automated Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis (TolAnalyst)      
    Worst Case and RSS Maximum/Minimum, Indentify Highest Tolerances, Auto updateredvideoarrow X X  
    SOLIDWORKS File Management      
    File Vaulting, Secure Check in and out, Automated Revision Control redvideoarrow X X  
    Reverse Engineering (Scan to 3D)      
    Import, Edit, Evaluate, and Create Solid Geometry from Point Cloud and Mesh Data, X X  
    Import Adobe® Illustrator® Files, Import Image Files and Convert Raster to Vector Data  redvideoarrow X X  
    eDrawings® Professional - Learn More redvideoarrow      
    Create and Publish eDrawings Files  X X  
    Allow Measurement in eDrawings Files  X X  
    Enable Markup of eDrawings Files X X  
    Exploded Views Support for eDrawings Files  X X  
    View Assembly Animations  X X  
    Password Protect Intellectual Property  X X  
    Motion Analysis - Learn More redvideoarrow      
    Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis  X    
  Inputs: Forces, Springs, Dampers, Gravity, Contact, Bushings  X    
    Outputs: Displacement, Velocities, Accelerations, Body Loads, Joint Forces  X    
    View/Publish Animations, Graphs, Reports  X    
    Linear Static Analysis for Parts and Assemblies X     
    Environmental Impact: SOLIDWORKS Sustainability - Learn More redvideoarrow X     
    Routing of Pipes and Tubes - Learn More redvideoarrow      
    Create Detailed Piping Systems  X    
    Create Flexible or Rigid Tubing Lines  X    
    Customizable Library of Piping Components  X    
    Automatic Assembly of Hangers and Supports   X    
    Output Tube Bend Data for Manufacturing  X    
    Cut Length Calculations Automated for BOM  X    
    Automatic Routing Option for Pipes and Tubes  X    
    Minimum Bend Radius Check for Tubes  X    
    Output of PCF files for ISOGEN® piping software  X    
    Routing of Electrical Cabling and Wiring Harnesses - Learn More redvideoarrow      
    Create Detailed Electrical Cable and Wiring Harnesses  X    
    Run Rigid or Flexible Electrical Conduit Segments  X    
    Conduit  X    
    Ribbon Cable  X    
    Wire Lengths Automatically Calculated  X    
    Automated Harness Flattening for Manufacturing  X    
    BOM and Wire Cut Lists  X    
    Automatic Routing Using Imported "From-To" Connection Data  X    
    Mounting Hardware, Splices, Connectors, Insulation, Looms, Heat-Shrink Tubing, Cable Ties  X    
    Routing of Rectangular and Other Sections - Learn More  redvideoarrow X    
    Advanced Surface Flattening - Learn More  redvideoarrow X