CAD Productivity Tools - SOLIDWORKS Utilities

Speed product development by using a variety of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD tools designed to help make users more productive. Specific functionality includes:

  • Thickness Analysis—Determines thin and thick regions of a part and the thickness of a part within a specified range of values.
  • Compare Geometry—Identifies geometric differences between two versions of the same part. This utility identifies unique and modified faces in both parts, and computes the common volume of the two parts (or assemblies) and the volume of material added and material removed.
  • Compare Documents—Compares the properties of two SOLIDWORKS documents (including two configurations of the same model). You can compare two documents of the same type or of different types. This utility identifies differences in file properties, document properties, and so on.
  • Compare Features—Identifies differences in solid features between two versions of the same part to find unique and modified features in both versions.
  • Compare BOMs—Compares bill of material (BOM) tables from two SOLIDWORKS assembly or drawing documents, listing missing columns and rows, extra columns and rows, and failed rows.
  • Feature Paint—Copies feature parameters (such as depth, size, and so on) from one feature to others that you select.
  • Find and Replace Annotations—Finds and replaces text in a variety of annotations for part, assembly, and drawing documents.
  • Find/Modify—Finds a set of features in a part that satisfy specified parameter conditions and edits them in a batch mode.
  • Geometry Analysis—Identifies geometric entities in a part that could cause a problem in other applications (such as, finite element modeling or computer aided machining). This utility identifies the following categories of geometric entities: sliver faces, small faces, short edges, knife (sharp) edges and vertices, and discontinuous edges and faces.
  • Symmetry Check- Checks automatically for geometric symmetry in parts and assemblies about a plane and identifies symmetrical, asymmetrical, and unique faces. Automatic Symmetry Check reduces a part to its smallest repeatable symmetrical body—especially useful when running analyses using simulation software.
  • Power Select—Selects all the entities in a part (edges, loops, faces, or features) that meet defined criteria, which can be specified for edge convexity, edge angle, face color, feature color, feature type, feature name, and surface type.
  • Report Manager—Manages reports generated by the Geometry Analysis, Compare Geometry, Compare Features, Compare Documents, Compare BOMs, Symmetry Check, and Thickness Analysis utilities.
  • Simplify—Creates simplified configurations of a part or assembly to perform analysis