material ultem vent3D print high-performance parts

With a reputation for reliability, this famously overachieving thermoplastic has well-rounded thermal, mechanical and chemical properties that make it a top choice for many advanced applications.

ULTEM 9085 is an FDM thermoplastic ideal for aerospace, automotive and military applications because of its FST rating, high strength-to-weight ratio and existing certifications. It empowers design and manufacturing engineers to 3D print advanced functional prototypes and production parts. ULTEM 9085 resin expands the use of 3D printing into applications that demand good thermal and chemical resistance.

Advanced applications include functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and low-volume, high-value production parts. It's certifications, FST rating, and high strength-to-weight ratio make it ideal for manufacturing automotive components and other strong, durable parts suitable for end use. For aircraft components, ULTEM 9085 Aerospace is produced in accordance with strict procurement requirements for documentation and traceability.