Meet the DASI Solutions TEam

kevinbowyerSolutions Specialist 
Pheonix, Arizona 

   (888) 327-2974 x1275

Kevin has a decade of Inside Sales success serving the Packaging & I.T. Training industries. He attended Cerritos College, Long Beach City College, Academy of Radio Broadcasting and Sandler Training ("Sandler Foundations" Certified). Kevin is responsible for Coordinating training for existing customers & assisting his Sales Team in Business Development.

I am a Southern California transplant to Arizona since December 2008. I have a 5 year old son, Charlie, and an incredible family of love and support here in AZ. Outside of work, I love sporting events; Angels Baseball, Trojans & LA Rams football, Lakers basketball, Kings hockey are all preferences, but I'll sit in an empty stadium just to watch someone hit a line drive to left center field. Only thing that trumps sporting events for me is music. All genres but prefer if there are at least drums, a guitar and a bass.

Cannot Live Without: I've suffered through loss of loved ones, but music is what gets me past such times in life. 

Favorite Quote: When all else fails, just do the right thing - anonymous