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Turn Off That Pesky Filter Icon!

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How do you turn off the filter icon?

Written by: Maurice Cherian, Application Engineer

Filter IconHow do you turn off the filter icon next to your mouse cursor?

That funnel looking icon is a selection filter which can be helpful in selecting specific items. Usually, most SOLIDWORKS users just want to know how to quickly turn off the filter because they can’t select what they want.

Select F6 to immediately turn the selection filter off.

The real question, though, is how did the selection filter get turned on in the first place?

One of the keyboard shortcuts was accidentally selected, usually by typing v, e, or x. Just remember the word vex and please don’t get vexed by selecting v, e, or x on your keyboard!

Besides selecting F6, the other way to turn off the filter, or to see what is being filtered, is to press F5. That will bring up the Selection Filter Toolbar at the bottom of the screen directly above the status bar.

Here is an image of the Selection Filter Toolbar and the three typical filters that are accidentally turned on; v for vertices, e for edges, and x for faces.

Selection Filter Toolbar

You can see the second icon from the left will clear all the filters. Select any of the filters you want to turn on or off.

Finally, you may consider removing some or all the filter shortcuts by going into “Keyboard” shortcuts under “Tools, Customize, Keyboard”.

Remember to not get “vexed” by the selection filter.