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Creating SOLIDWORKS Templates to Drive Standardization & Efficiency

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Parts, Assemblies & Drawings

To learn more about tips outlined below, download the recording of our Templates webinar.


SOLIDWORKS has functionality for creating files that have standards built into them. By setting up proper nomenclature, measurement units, view orientations, and even color schemes, we can ensure that there is consistency among both designs and users. We can also set up custom property fields in our files to let designers know which fields the organization requires and leverage that information into our drawings to reduce the need for redundant data entry.


Properly setting up your templates can be a big time saver when it comes to inputting data: enter the data once and push it through. When designs from multi-user environments are opened, the templates used allow the designer to know what fields there are and how the part was initially set up – even when they aren’t the ones that made it! Downstream stakeholders such as manufacturing and assembly also benefit from information that is consistent and always knowing where to look.


While templates may seem like a small thing to set up in your organization, thinking them through and putting in the right information can have big impacts through the entire engineering and manufacturing process.

To learn more about templates, download our recording of the Templates webinar